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TEdec Product Introduction

Fiduciary Accounting Software - Introduction
How Do You Administer Your Trusts And Estates?

If you’re like most practitioners, you still administer your Trusts and Estates the hard way – you handle T&E data too many times!

This costs you time and money -- your stock in trade.



 TEdec Reduces Paperwork Why TEdec? 

Most practitioners mention five concerns in their T&E administration.
The time required to prepare the Fiduciary Accounting - How much time did you waste doing your last accounting?  
Duplication of effort.
Costly mistakes - the time to find and correct errors and the necessity to guard against professional liability.
Personnel costs for highly trained support staff.
Inconsistent data presentation.
Trust and Estate administration requires these activities:
(How many times do you handle your data entry?)
Activities Manual Posting

Number of Times

Each Cumulative
Marshall (identify and value) assets and obligations - record results 1 1
Prepare Court Inventory 1 2
Prepare Estate Tax Return (Fed & State) 1 3
Prepare Fiduciary Income Tax Return 1 4
Prepare Fiduciary Accounting 1 5
Record management/investment of estate assets and payment of bills and distributions 3 8
TEdec’s one-time entry saves you time and money, avoids costly mistakes and provides professional reports - the way you want them!
TEdec  ---  The Cadillac of Fiduciary Accounting Software, frees you from multiple data entry.